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And so it begins

I have always dreamed of starting a school. This was something from the time I switched careers, I knew I wanted. I started teaching at the age of 15 at Kawaiaha'o School in Honolulu, Hawaii. I learned from a very early age that the intelligence and ingenuity of children would act as a catalyst for my passion to help them in their academic journeys.

Did I ever think I would get to this point? I'm a military spouse. Moving is part of our nature. Starting over is part of our nature. I accepted my life would be one of adapt and overcome. However, and there's always a twist in military life, we fell in love with Georgia. And with retirement around the corner for my marine, we decided to stay. So, then what?

After a year working with another program I learned what I already knew...

Montessori Programs are not all created equally. I have worked for several Montessori's over, let's say a couple of decades and duty stations. Some amazing, some Montessori in name only. As with much in life, you can learn from them or be overwhelmed and turned-off by them. I knew, as a Montessori child myself, that the key to Montessori is not with the curriculum (which is brilliant), it is not with the teacher, nor is it in a beautiful museum like environment. The key to Montessori is the child. For a Montessori to be truly called a Montessori, the needs of the child need to be at the core of any school.

If you look beyond the materials, beyond the environment, what is it that we then have? We have the source of Montessori, the child. I knew I wanted a program where the needs of the child were met, and a place where their potential could be developed.

Enter the parents. I have always been blessed with the ability and knack for developing relationships with families. In January of 2019, I was approached by the families I had worked with. They asked me if I ever thought of opening a school. I said I had. Then came the question that took months to answer...then why don't you?

….to be continued

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