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The educational programs at Montessori Preparatory Academy of Lee were created with your children’s needs in mind: to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment that utilizes the Montessori Method and Philosophy.

Girl with Autumn Leaf
A student of a montessori school using c
Learning materials in a montessori metho


The Exercises of Practical Life are formative activites, a work of adaptation to the environment.  Here the child begins to further their independence and pursuant to their education, develop respect, patience, and concentration.


A Montessori approach to Language develops the child's vocabulary while simultaneously providing them with the opportunity not only for written knowledge assimilation, but for comprehensive study and development of their own thoughts and ideas.


The beauty of Montessori lies in the child's capacity to assimilate information at their own pace.  The Montessori Mathematics curriculum is dedicated to providing concrete stimulus for in-depth understanding.  Here, a child can hold a square of a number in their hand, understand the concepts of quantity by feeling, touching, and seeing them.

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Kids in Art Class
Chemistry Students


Children experience life, learn, and develop intelligence through the use of the senses.  The purpose of the Sensorial area is to develop and refine these sense to better serve the child.


Montessori Preparatory Academy embraces a multi-cultural environment.  Here, we embrace the child as they are.  We believe through experiencing other cultures and learning about diversity the child can better understand themselves.


It is our belief that we are not preparing the child for school.  We are preparing the child for life.  With this knowledge we recognize the absolute importance of not just math and language in a child's potential sphere, but also of science.

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