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The school the community built.

Updated: May 20, 2019

This is how we began! Parents from the Albany, Leesburg, and surrounding area communities wanted quality, compassionate, care for their children in an academic environment where their children would be respected and nurtured.

A year ago, a new arrival to the area made this possible. Parents that met with Ms. Nani became passionate about the way she worked with their children. They saw a person that would respect their child as an individual and that would nurture their child's desire to learn and act as a force of inspiration, guiding the children in their academic pursuits.

It took no time at all for everyone to agree that a school needed to be formed. With the needs of the children at the core of our foundation, Montessori Preparatory Academy of Lee was founded!

Please email us for more information at!

Stay tuned as we grow from the ground up!

To be part of this amazing journey, call for more information (229)231-2151

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